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Being a Director of Photography for TV productions, plus an FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot I have the capabilities to offer high-quality UAV aerial photography for the construction industry and creative solutions for the film industry. My experience in TV production, creative eye for photography and my assiduous approach to aerial imagery truly makes me a solid investment for your aerial needs. With the constant change in regulations and the increased airspace restrictions for UAV aerial photography, I understand that my clients don’t simply need access to a drone, they need a turnkey solution from planning to delivery. 

Adz Aerials is permitted and fully insured to fly drones for cinematic, promotional, and data collection purposes in the commercial market. My team and I take safety very seriously when we take to the skies. Every job is planned thoroughly to ensure all potential risks are mitigated. Having to operate in close proximity to major airports and the risks of dealing with highly active airspace, I pride myself in demonstrating ‘good airmanship’ ensuring all relevant agencies and organizations are aware of our missions.


Aerial Videos for

Multimedia Platforms.

Here are some 30-second video clips taken from recent projects. Shooting with the DJI Inspire 2 gives me total control to operate in tough conditions, multiple lens choices, plus adding the Cinecore capabilities allow creative workflows for post-production.

New Croton Dam Reservoir


Jackson Heights Queens, NY


The High Bridge Harlem, NY



Real Estate Photography

Demonstrate the value of commercial properties with a multitude of aerial angles and views.  Potential buyers will have the advantage of viewing properties online aerially, giving them a full perspective of the property that cannot be seen at ground level.

Roof Inspections

Safer and more efficient are two main options to utilize drone operation for your next roof inspection. According to roof inspection companies, using a drone allows them to finish jobs three times faster than if they did them using traditional methods. Plus to have the option for a more detailed inspection of the condition of the roof and also combined the images to create a 3D model brought methods of photogrammetry. The benefit of being able to create a 3D model from a roof is that you can virtually revisit the site anytime and have the ability to take length, area, and volume measurements from the 3D model.

Concerts & Events

Using drone photography for events gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event at a affordable cost. 

Marketing and Promotion

Providing images and footage I can give venues the ability to show clients their complete location. Videoing not just the venue itself but the surrounding land that they own, enabling potential clients to have a clear picture of what each venue can offer them and how their event might work.

This will give venues a valuable marketing tool, enabling them to provide clients with as much visual detail as possible both from the ground and from the air. 

Landscape Images

A selection of my personal shots

Real Estate

Commercial Estate

Professional Standard

Adz Aerials has invested heavily in the latest aerial drone platforms. With safety being the priority of all our aerial platforms are serviced and maintained in-house, keeping a full detail flight and maintenance log.


We carry a worldwide $5 million public liability insurance policy to ensure we are covered for every eventuality. If you are looking to supply your own payload we can provide comprehensive insurance cover.

Risk Assessment

Prior to and upon arriving at the location My drone team and I will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of your crew, observers, and the general public to maintain a safe operating environment. 

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